The Biggest Time Saving Tip for your Small Business

As a business owner, do you spend a lot of your time doing the same administrative tasks?

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If so, I have a time saving tip that is an easy fix that so you’re not wasting your time on the same tedious tasks every day. It’s called batching your work.

What does batching your work entail?

Batching work is when you choose one project or activity and complete it so you don’t have to do it again for a while.

For me, I batch my articles that I write. I will do an entire month’s worth of articles in one day. That way I can focus on article writing for an entire afternoon.

This keeps me focused on writing, which helps with continuity and can also set the theme for the month’s marketing strategies.

By working on only one project from start to finish, you can focus your full attention on one subject without splitting your attention between projects.

Many people don’t realize how switching from one project to another can alter their productivity.

Every time you get interrupted or switch tasks, it takes 15 minutes for your brain to re-focus.

Just think about all the time that gets wasted just shifting your focus! For effective time management,  it’s more time-efficient to concentrate on one task from start to finish.

Time Saving Tip: How to Get Started

  1. To start batching your projects, begin by finding an inspiring looking journal or writing book, or open your Note section on your smartphone. I prefer toManaging your Time, DIY marketing - Studio of Ideas use the Note section on my smartphone because I can then copy everything I’ve typed up and email it to myself afterwards. This is another time saving tip because then I don’t have to spend precious time typing it up again later.
  2. Find the most creative space possible that you would love to spend the next couple or few hours to write in. I like to lay on my fuzzy shag mint green rug in the middle of my living room floor as the sun shines down on me. It is in this exact place that I will type up and pump out all my newspaper articles for the entire month. This is my creative space where I’m completely focused.
  3. If you get more ideas for other articles or social media posts, just start a new page to write ideas on. If you are on your smartphone, start a new Note.
  4. After you have completed all your writing, type it all up or email it to yourself.

Which projects can you batch?

You could batch your promotional strategies such as blogs, videos, or e-newsletter projects. I also like to plan, write, and schedule my Facebook posts for an entire week in just one day. With social, you need to be flexible. So even though I do plan and book my social media posts, there are still times when I’ll share videos and other posts that aren’t planned as well.


I found that the simplest way for me prepare to pump out an entire project or task in one day is to spend half an hour the day before coming up with ideas for content for my blogs, articles, and videos.

Once I’ve come up with about 5-10 ideas, I add them into the note section of my iPhone so they are saved and easy to refer to throughout the day. Then on the day that I do each project, it will have saved me lots of time.

If you aren’t currently batching your work projects, take control of your day and use this time saving tip and start doing it!

Where’s your creative space where you are completely focused? Share your creative space in the comments below!


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