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Everybody loves hearing a great story. Especially one that is memorable and easy to share.

Stories can help you make sales because when people read stories, theyAcreage sunset share your story DIY marketing - Studio of Ideas attach emotions to them. When they have an emotional connection to you or your product, people are more willing to buy from you -which makes it one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses.

A story is a great way to entertain while providing information.

By sharing your business or personal story, you share your motivation so that people know why you started your business and why they should choose to do business with you.

This allows you to let others into your life and get to know you better, which is important because everyone wants to do business with people they know and trust.

By sharing more information about you and your business, potential customers can relate to you, understand you, empathize with, and support you. Once you put your stories out, people will want to hear more.

Share chapter one, and people will want to hear chapters two and three.

These are the building blocks for a stronger, deeper connection between your customers and your brand.

Old barns share your story DIY marketing - Studio of IdeasWe enjoy hearing company stories because they can give us hope and open our minds to the possibilities in life.

Share your Story

Here’s a perfect example. I shared the following story in my regular newspaper marketing column that I write, on how my family and I decided to make a move.

We packed up all of our belongings and donated a quarter of our stuff to charity, moved another half of our possessions into a small storage facility, and put the remainder into a 750 square foot cabin and travel trailer so we can live by the lake. We stayed out at this lake lot for 3 and a half months – almost the whole summer.

Boy oh boy did we experience many challenges.

From pouring rain (what seemed like every second day) keeping us chilled during the day time to wind storms blowing our trailer tarp on our trailer roof, to insects in our trailer and me spending most of my days looking for and killing approximately 30 wasps a day inside the cabin.

But don’t forget about those beautiful sunsets, moose visits and exotic bird sightings. Train on tracks share your story DIY marketing - Studio of Ideas

Many people wonder how we downsized from a 2500 square foot house to live in such small quarters.

The decision was easy for us.

By changing the way we lived, our lifestyle allowed us to live more simply with fewer expenses and fewer things. It allowed us to be outdoors more often.

Birds in tree share your story DIY marketing - Studio of IdeasOur children played outside the entire summer; catching dragonflies, frogs and salamanders.

I was able to work outside in a comfortable camping chair getting inspired each day by the beauty of nature.

My husband was able to renovate my parents cabin at his own leisure so there was a cozy place for family and friends to visit in.

When you share your story, it makes others understand what your life is like or where you’ve been.

As soon as my column got published in the summertime about my family’s experience living at the lake lot, I had many people wanting to learn more. People were telling me how our living experience had inspired and motivated them to make changes in their own lives.

We had people who followed our entire journey to see how our story unfolded because they couldn’t imagine doing it themselves.

When you share your story it’s one of the best marketing ideas I know, because it can get others to buy from you quicker when you let them get to know you. Plus it is such a freeing feeling, sharing your story!

Try it yourself! Share your story with the world and strengthen your connection with your customers.

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  1. Eileen Burns
    Eileen Burns says:

    Great Blog I agree sometimes I think it can be trick knowing how much to share I was a healer for 25 years who had lots of extreme health challenges and always found it difficult to know what to share and what not to. But I think authenticity and transparency is what clients and customers want.

    • Crystal Dallner
      Crystal Dallner says:

      Thanks Eileen! I totally agree with you- authenticity and transparency are what clients want. Plus, there are many, many businesses out there so business owners need to make some ‘noise’ so they get attention to their business. And when you share your story, it will make you stand out from the rest!


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