How to Attract your Dream Client

Do you know which type of people you would love to work with in your business?

Many business owners don’t really know who their target clients are. They market their products or services to anyone, thinking that any sale is a good sale because it means money is coming into the business, no matter who it comes from. Eating at a Cafe, Attract your dream client, DIY Marketing - Studio of Ideas

However, when you’re clear on who you would love to work with, it’s much easier to attract these people. When you work with clients you love, you will feel happier and more fulfilled with your business.

Here is how to determine who your dream clients are and where to find them:

  1. List the three TOP clients you would love to work with. Be very specific on who these individuals are; don’t just write out “small business owners.” For example, your top clients could be “mompreneurs,” coaches, or non-fiction authors.
  2. Next, write out their details: their age, gender, education, annual income, if they have children, and where they live.
  3. For each type of person, write out their challenges and pain points. These are the things your business can help them with. For example, I often hear that my clients don’t have time to do their own marketing, so I offer fun and easy fill-in-the-blank templates and step-by-step checklists that help them launch their marketing campaigns. My clients love them because they save so much time!
  4. Describe their interests by listing the books, magazines, and websites they like. Also include which gurus and mentors they follow.
  5. Write out where these individuals hang out, how they spend their time, and activities they are a part of.
  6. Now make a list of the types of clients you are currently serving.

Attract your Dream Client

In my business, I work with women entrepreneurs aged 35-55 years old to show them how to gain more clients by teaching them effective marketing strategies and innovative marketing ideas for their business. Their challenges are that they don’t have large budgets to spend on marketing. They follow gurus like Anthony Robbins and Oprah. They enjoy going to nice restaurants, bookstores and dinner theatres.

I have a very clear picture of the type of woman that I am targeting to be my client in my business, plus it helps that I am a very similar fit to the type of person that I want to work with in my business.

If you can always try to imagine that you are your dream customer (like get in their head by thinking like them), and always keep in mind her needs and wants whenever you are creating your marketing materials, then it will help you to attract your dream client more easily.

After listing out all this information, you will understand who your current clients are and who you would like to target. Seeing all the details written out in front of you makes it easier for you to make a plan to attract your dream client.

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